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Jim Crow laws are a backlash against Reconstruction policies after Reconstruction ended. Most African American lawmakers were unseated before the Jim Crow laws were passed.

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Q: Did a black create Jim crow law?
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What were laws that segregated blacks and whites called?

the segregation laws were commonly known as "Jim Crow" laws

What was the purpose of the 35th amendment?

The purpose was to give former slaves the right to vote. But this did not include black women. The goverment created this amendment because people living in the South passed laws called the Jim Crow Laws. They discriminated against all blacks. The difference between these laws and Black Codes was that Jim Crow Laws involved blacks and whites and was after the Civil War, but Black codes were before the war and only involved blacks. An example of a Jim Crow Law would be one bathroom for black men and one for white men.

What are the laws that created a system of racial segregation?

Plessy v. Ferguson, (1896) was an appeal of a Louisiana state law, the Separate Car Act of 1890, that required railroad companies to provide separate train cars for African-American and Caucasian travelers. The Louisiana state courts upheld the law, so Plessy (and the Citizens' Committee, an early civil rights group in New Orleans) appealed the case to the US Supreme Court, challenging the law as unconstitutional under the Thirteenth (anti-slavery) and Fourteenth (equal protection) Amendments.The Court held that the Thirteenth Amendment applied only to slavery, and that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of equal protection was satisfied if the railroad companies provided "equal" facilities and accommodations for African-Americans. This decision established the "separate but equal" doctrine that allowed states to pass racist Jim Crow laws.The decision in Plessy was later overturned by Brown v. Board of Education, (1954), but Jim Crow laws continued to exist until Congress began legislating and enforcing the Civil Rights Acts, beginning in 1964.Case Citation:Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 US 537 (1896)

Why did the pilgrams create the Mayflower compact?

To create law and order to the Plymouth area

Is America legal system fair?

Not really. The Judicial Branch is responsible for ensuring a law follows the principles of the Constitution. Unconstitutional laws may also be fundamentally unfair; however, a court cannot overturn a law based on perceived "unfairness" alone, as most people would define the concept. Many laws are unfair to certain people or groups (Jim Crow laws were extremely unfair to African-Americans), but the judicial system is only concerned with whether a law is faithful to constitutional principles (Jim Crow laws were also unconstitutional). The courts may uphold a law that seems unfair, and may be arguably unconstitutional, if the government can demonstrate the law serves a compelling and legitimate government interest and is written narrowly, so that it accomplishes its purpose with as little negative impact as possible.

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What law kept the races apart?

The law that separated the black and white is the JIM CROW LAWS.

Where was the Jim crow law?

The Jim Crow Law Era existed mainly in the South and originated from the Black Codes that were enforced from 1865 to 1866 and from prewar segregation on railroad cars in northern cities.

What were laws that segregated black and whites?

The Jim Crow Law segregated the blacks & whites

What legal segregation of races was a result of?

Jim Crow Laws

How did some southern black people try to resist and escape the Jim Crow law?


Jim Crow was a?

Jim crow was a law (the Jim crow laws) that stated that white people and African American people had to be separated in public places

What is the purpose of Jim Crow laws?

Jim Crow laws were designed to prevent blacks from voting in the old south, but voting laws were only one type of Jim Crow Law. In general, Jim Crow Laws mandated the "Separate But Equal" status of blacks in the south. The laws ensured segregation without having to make segregation itself a law, because legally-sanctioned segregation was not permitted.

Are Jim crow law still in existence?


What were laws that segregated blacks and whites called?

the segregation laws were commonly known as "Jim Crow" laws

Was segregated churches a Jim crow law?


What were the effects of the Jim crow law?

Power in Language, forced submission, unified black population, maintain distance between rulers, emasculation of black men

What is an example of Jim crow law passed in the south?

apex= all of the above