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3.56 Billion and then doubled people's credit card apr's

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Q: Did capital one receive any government bail out money?
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Did Wells Fargo get government bail out money?


If you post 10 percent bail for someone they appear in court but is found to be guilty do you receive a refund of your money back?


Do you have to water the money tree plant with distilled water only?

No need to water it. The Government will give you a bail out.

How the government solve the problem in England?

By stabilizing our own economy the government invested in the country, as well as rescued the economy with tax payers' money, i.e. government bail-outs.

Did Ford Motor company take any money in the recent bailout?

No Ford did not take any bail out money. Even though Ford did report loses. They did not want to take the bail out money because it came with strings attached. Ford wanted to stay independent from government interventtion.

What word refers to the money or property an accused person gives to a court to hold as a guarantee that he or she will appear for trial?


If you post bail for someone and they jump bail what are the consequences for you?

You lose your money.

Did Ford get bail out money?

Yes. While it was the only company that did not file for bankruptcy, it did recieve 23.5 billion dollars in government loans.

Money to guarantee appearance in court?

Bail bond Surety bond. Bail

What all do you have to do to become a bail bondsman?

In order to become a bail bondsman you need to receive your bail bondsman license and take certain exams and need to be approved by the insurance department to be a recognized bail bondsman.

How does bail money work?

Bail money is used to make sure someone shows up to court. If they show up their money is given back. If someone uses a bail bondsman they charge a percentage for covering the bond and they don't get any of the money back.

Will the government bail out the auto makers?