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yes he had aids

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Q: Did general haratio gates have a disease?
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What caused the battle of Camden?

American army under Haratio Gates marched from they north and threatened the brits in South Carolina

What is the name of haratio nelsons ship?

HMS Victory

Who was born in a Norfolk rectory in 1758?

It was haratio nelson

Is Bill Gates related to Mag General Horatio Gates?


What general won saratoga?

Horatio Gates.

Who defeated General Gates?

When and where is a better question!

What army did general gates fight for?


What two militias did General Gates name in his letter to General Washington?


What commander of the Continental Army is the southern colonies replaced general gates?

general greene

American general at the battle of saratoga?

Horatio Gates

What general had a plan to take over New York in the revolutionary war?

General Gates

Who was famous in the battle of camden?

The American rebels were led by General Horatio Gates and the British by Lord Charles Cornwallis.