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John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson worked together during the Spring and Summer of 1934 pulling off several bank robberies. It was rumoured Pretty Boy Floyd was also present in one of these robberies although there is no real evidence. Neither of the afore mentioned bank robbers ever met Clyde Barrow, although Dillinger once remarked he was nothing but a punk who gave bank robbers a bad name.

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Q: Did john dillinger Clyde barrow baby face nelson and pretty boy Floyd ever meet each other?
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John Dillinger Clyde barrow baby face nelson and pretty boy Floyd were all gunned down by law enforcement officers in which year?


What is gang rivalry?

Criminal gangs (not soldiers sanctioned by the Government). Some gangs from the US 1920s/1930s: Barrow Gang/Bonnie & Clyde; Pretty Boy Floyd; Baby Face Nelson; Machinegun Kelly; John Dillinger; Al Capone, etc.

Did Clyde Barrow idolize John Dillinger?

It appears so. After Dillinger became a media sensation, Clyde Barrow's style changed: he didn't just begin robbing banks, but he outfitted himself in an entirely new wardrobe to do so. During his first bank robbery, he even quoted Dillinger by telling one of his victims "We don't want your money, we want the bank's money."

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Clyde Barrow died on May 23, 1934 at the age of 25.

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