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nope. nope.

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Q: Did john f mercer support the constitution?
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What was John F. Mercer's education?

John Francis Mercer (May 17, 1759

When did Charles F. Mercer die?

Charles F. Mercer died in 1858.

When was Charles F. Mercer born?

Charles F. Mercer was born in 1778.

How did John F. Kennedy support space exploration?


The federal papers wre written to support the constitution who wrote the paper?

mr.john f Kennedy

What did john f Kennedy promised to actively support?

civil rights

What type of science did John F. Kennedy support?

John F. Kennedy is particularly remembered as a supporter of space science. The Apollo moon landings happened because of him.

What us president expanded military support for south Vietnam?

john f kennyedy

Did John F. Kennedy do anything that was unpopular?

His support for the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba proved to be unpopular.

Is it true that even though President John F Kennedy had a Democratic Congress it did not support all of his programs?


The Peace Corps was established by President John F Kennedy in an effort to provide?

Provide support to the developing nations of the world.

What leader declared that the torch has been passed on to a new generation of Americans?

John F. Kennedy January 20, 1961