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People have been jumping out of windows from the moment windows were invented.

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Q: Did people jump out of windows during the great depression?
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How many people where Homless people during the Great Depression?

How many people were homeless during the Great Depression? Between one and two million people.

What group of people did not do well economically speaking during the great depression?

Farmers were not doing good during the Great Depression.

Who lives in Hooverville?

homeless people during the great depression Over 1,200 people were homelss.

How many people jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression?

Not very people at all jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression. Building new skyscrapers were put on hold after the Great Depression but no because people were jumping off of them.

How many people committed suicide during the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was an important part of American History. Many people died due to illness, malnutrition, and suicide. It is estimated that about 40,000 people committed suicide during the Great Depression.

Did people have the freedom of speech during the great depression?


What did people have for dessert during the great depression?

They did not have dessert

What did people live in during the Great Depression?


What did people smell during the Great Depression?

During the great depression people smelled tar paper from what they built when they became homeless and they smelled many cars that passed by.

Where there radios during the Great Depression?

Yes, radios were one of the main sources of communication between the government and the people during the Great Depression

How were the hoovervilles important to the Great Depression?

Hoovervills were important to the great depression because when people's homes went to foreclosure, they had no where to go. Hoovervills gave people shelter and food during the great depression when people had no where to go.

How many people did the relief measures help during the Great Depression?

The relief measures during the Great Depression helped about one third of the pooulation.