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King James I of England (or James VI of Scotland) reigned after Elizabeth I and continued the "Golden Age" of Elizabethan drama and literature. However, he was also known as "the wisest fool in Christendom." The people opposed his choice to unify the crowns of Scotland and England. After the unsuccessful Gunpowder Plot (intended to blow up the Parliament House), he dismissed Parliament because of disagreement, and his objection of the Great Contract (in which he would grant royal concessions in turn for money to pay off his debt due to his incompetent fiscal management). He then went on to enforce Catholicism, but let loose after a while and published the King James Version of The Bible.

For all of his neglection of business in preference for leisure, and court corruption, his death was widely mourned, as his people had enjoyed relative peace and low taxation in the Jacobean Era.

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Q: Did people like King James 1603?
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The same things as in 1602 and 1604: wrote plays and acted. And, like everyone else in England in 1603, he mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth and celebrated the accession of King James I.

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