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Government by definition is coercion.
Government is characterized by a monopoly of the legitimate use of force to create the social order it wants.

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Q: Did the US government use coercion?
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Which is not a form of government coercion in your society?

Voting is not a form of government coercion in my society.

How can you use the word coercion in a sentence?

The dictator used coercion to force the citizens to comply with his oppressive regime.

What are the three classification of pfstt?

The three classifications of PFSTT are physical coercion, psychological coercion, and economic coercion. Physical coercion involves the use of force or violence to compel someone to engage in human trafficking. Psychological coercion involves manipulation, threats, or deception to control the victim. Economic coercion involves controlling a victim's financial resources or exploiting their economic vulnerability.

What factor utimately defines police work?

Authority to use coercion

How did the US attempt to influence Japanese actions before the US entered World War II?

Economic coercion

What form of government do you use in the US?


What system Of government US use?


What is the best description of a government where individuals have little individual power in decision kaking and are subject to some level of coercion?

A riot

What is the following government actions is necessary to guarantee the conditions required for a free-market system?

Laws against theft, fraud, and coercion are necessary to guarantee the conditions required for a free market system.

When was Coercion Records created?

Coercion Records was created in 2003.

TIP involves the use of what to compel a person in order to exploit them for profit?

Force and Coercion

What is An effective monopoly in the use of physical coercion in a given geographical area is known as?