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Not really. The declaration talked about who had a right to govern. It did not dispute the need for government, but justified the right to be independent of the rule of the English king and the right of the people to choose their government. It attacked the idea that people like King George had to right to rule because of their royal birth.

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Q: Did the declaration of independence talk about the role of government?
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Who does a person contact if they think they have an old copy of the Declaration of Independence?

Contact your Public Library, and see if they can direct you to a historian. Me! If it turns out to be real we should talk. how can i tell if its real

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The Declaration of Independence was written by a young lawyer named Thomas Jefferson. The document was reviewed and corrected by Ben Franklin and other Patriots before being finally written down as a formal document.

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Preamble is small talk before a major speech or declaration.

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The Preamble to the US Constitution did what?

A preamble is an introduction to a declaration , constitution, or other official document.

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