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AnswerNo way. Not all of them, at least. Alexander Hamilton made Thomas Jefferson so angry with his fiscal policies that Thomas Jefferson resigned as Secretary of State in 1793, and Thomas Jefferson himself shared a heated exchange with John Adams' wife Abigail, and they wouldn't talk for at least a decade. John Adams couldn't stand Benjamin Franklin, as he learned when he was a diplomat. James Monroe and Alexander Hamilton got into such a heated debacle that they almost went to the dueling ground...but Hamilton would later get into a duel with Aaron Burr (who isn't always considered a founding father, by the way), and that duel killed him. About the only person who got along with everyone was George Washington, revered through the whole country. But there were even those who dared libel him in the, no, they did not get along. They all agreed that they were creating a country, but their definitons differed as to how to do it.
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Yes, to some extent. He was rather aloof and I think he could have been considered a snob. He refused to shake hands because he thought his hands were too big, and kept to a strict schedule in his life. For instance, he went to bed at the same time each night no matter who was at Mt. Vernon or what was going on. He is reported as having been a good dancer. He never said a word during the Constitutional Convention.

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Q: Did the founding father get along?
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