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The phrase 'when the US sneezes the world catches a cold' says it all. The economic knock on effects of the 1930s affected the whole decade worldwide. The irony was that it was World War 2 which changed things in many ways. For the most part there are no winners in a depression, we all get poorer. It's hard to believe but even the poorest of the poor get poorer and the wealthy are less willing and less able to help the poor, either in a national or individual circumstances.

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Q: Did the great depression only affect the US or did it affect all nations?
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Was the great depression the only depression to affect the US?

Once we finish this "recession" we will be calling the last few years the "Greater Depression".

Is there going to be great depression 3?

There has only been one Great Depression.

In what ways did the Great Depression affect peoples outlook?

Living during the great depression had a major affect on the mentality many people. A good portion of people who lived during that time do not trust banks. This is likely the result of the many widespread bank failures in the 30s that caused people to lose their life savings. Life during the great depression also lead to a more conservative mentality as people learned to buy only what they needed and save the rest, just in case.

The Great Depression was an American phenomenon only.?


What kind of depression was the us in during the 1930's?

they were in the great depression...

How would you test st john wort to see if it treats depression?

if it does, it only seems to affect "ordinary depression" that everyone has some of, not "clinical depression"

In his 1933 inaugural addresspresident Roosevelt helped Americans see?

That there were solutions to the problems of the Great Depression.

Which Great Depression will end up being worse the Roosevelt Great Depression or the Obama Great Depression?

Well we are not in a depression with Obama the only reason the economy is like this is because of our 43 president Bush So Roosevelts depression ended up worse because they were actually in a depression. You can thank Bush for the economic troubles

Who was president for only one month when the Great Depression began?

Herbert Hoover took office seven months before the Great Depression started.

How were European countries affected by the Great Depression?

Following the Great War (WWI), all countries involved in the war (therefore most all of Europe) except the Soviet Union, experienced depressions very similar to the Great Depression in the U.S. (which only worsened conditions as the U.S. was inable to help the European nations).

Did Wall Street stock market collapse of 1929 led to the Great Depression true or false?

True, it was a cause of the Great Depression.

Was there pizza during the Great Depression?

Only when they made it, so yes. But only meat lovers.