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They approved of it from the point of the British. They were opposed to the colonists raising arms against the legitimate government. They felt that Britain was fully justified in quashing the rebellion.

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Q: Did the loyalist aprove of the war?
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Was Grace Galloway a loyalist?

Yes she was a loyalist in the revolutionary war.

Who did loyalist support during revolutionary war?

A loyalist was loyal to the king

Who was a loyalist in the war?

George Washington

When did the loyalist start war?

April 17 1775

Why didn't loyalist what to have the Revolutionary War?

Cause they had too

What is a sentence using the word loyalist?

The loyalist faction supported the queen, but the military soon took control.A colonial supporter of the British during the Revolutionary War was a loyalist or Tory.

What was a loyalist party in the revolutionary war?

A 'Loyalist' , also known as 'Royalist' was somebody who remained true to the British Crown and Empire. The Loyalist Party was what they belonged to/

How many loyalist were killed in the Revolutionary war?

Unknown., but 53,000 left the colonies after the war.

Historical significance of the loyalists?

why was loyalist important to to the revolutionary war?

Where did the loyalist first come from?

They liked Britain in the war and supported them.

What is the immediate effects the American war of independence had on the loyalist?


Was King George III a loyalist or patriot?

i think he was a loyalist.