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Q: Did the north want California to be a free state?
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Did solon borland want to admit California as a free state?


How did the supreme court add to the tension over slavery in the 1850s?

Because the North didn't want slaves, but the south did, so the supreme court was trying to figure out whether the should make California a slave state or a free slave state.

What did the north want in the fugitive slave law?

To appease the South, so that California could be admitted to the Union as free soil.

Why did southerners not want to upset the balance of power by letting California enter the union as?

Because if California joined as a free state, then there would the North, and so the free states, would have a majority in both the House and more importantly, the Senate. This would allow them to pass anti-slave legislation if they wanted, as long as the President approved it and did not veto.

What year did California want to be a state?


Why do California's request to become a state cause a crisist in congress?

In California's state constitution they wanted to be admitted into the union as a free state because miner during the gold rush didn't want to have to compete with slave labor. Southern slave owners didn't want that because it would offset the 15 free states and 15 slaves state balance in the senate. If another free state was added the south would lose power. The south feared if they lost power northerners would abolish slavery.

Did Texas want to join the U.S. as a free state or slave state?

no it was slave free

Did the south want California to become a state?


Was California a confederate state in the civil war?

depending on how you want to view it California was more or less a neautral state though it was classifed as a Union state.

What can you eat in California state?

Just about anything they like or want.

What problem was created when California sought admission to the union?

California's constitution outlawed slavery. Southern slave states didn't want California or any other state to be admitted to the Union as a free state because it would upset the balance of free states to slave states. The matter was settled by the Compromise of 1850.

Which state on the east coast is closest to California?

Well this question makes no sence because California is on the west coast... But if you want to get technical then I guess Florida is the closest east coast state to California if you measure state border to state border.