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No. The Minute Men did not organize until after Lexington and Concord.

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Q: Did the shots heard around the world kill minute men?
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What were the first shots in the revolutionary war called?

the first shots fired of this war was in fort Sumter

Why were the shots fired at Lexington and concord referred to as the shots fired around the world?

The shots were considered to be the beginning of the American Revolution, and the American Revolution had worldwide impact. The beginning events were "heard around the world" because of the eventual impact of what followed.

What was the nickname of lexington and concord?

They didn't have nicknames. On the bridge at Concord a statue has been erected of a minuet man that states the " shots were heard around the world" were fired there on April 19, 1775.

Shot that was heard around the world?

The shot heard around the world was at Lexington

How did the Shot heard around the world lead to the revolutionary war?

Because it was where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired. The first battle was actually at Lexington, then it continued onto Concord. This was the beginning of the end of British rule around the world. Until this time, Britain was a major world sea power and ruled in India and The New World. It would be a long time until the USA would become a super power, but this was the start.

What did they call the first American revolution shots?

The Shot Heard 'Round the World (Battle of Concord).

Did the shots around the world killed minutemen?


How do you explain the statement shot heard around the world?

The statement "shot heard around the world" means that everybody heard about the news like a bullet going around the world newtest3

What is the guinnes world record for the most half-court shots made in one minute?

3 by lebron James

How many shots did the colt revolver six shot fire in one minute?

It depends on the operator. The fastest shooter in the world could probably get 100+ shots out. 1/8

Where did the shot world heard around the world occur?

The shot "Heard-Around-The-World" occured in Concord.

What is the name of the shot heard around the world?

The "shot heard around the world" was the onset of the American Revolution.