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A bounus is not related to extra work normanly related to company profits or good personel preformance. Overtime is (in usa) 1.5 times the normal wage for hours over 40 worked in a single week. Sometimes companies pay o/t for hours over 8 worked in a single day. Good luck

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Q: Difference between bonus and overtime wages?
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What is the difference between minimum living and fair wages and how it can be fixed under the minimum wages act 1948?


What is difference between payment of wages act and minimum wages act?

The difference between the Payment of Wages Act and the Minimum Wages Act is in what these acts enforce. The Payment of Wages Act ensures when payments should be made, how they should be made, and limits deductions. The Minimum Wages Act ensures that workers in certain industries are paid at least a certain predetermined amount.

What is the Difference between gross pay and social security wages?

From the employer to the employee no difference gross pay earnings and social security wages earnings would be the same thing.

What is the function of an overtime lawyer?

An overtime lawyer is one that specializes in unpaid overtime wages. If an individual believes their company is not paying them enough for overtime, or withholding it, these lawyers may be able to assist in suing the business for the outstanding amount.

The difference between what the workers produce and what they earn is surplus value?

Surplus value is the difference between the value that workers produce and what they are paid in wages.

what is the maximum amount of overtime can an employer give you with in a week?

There is no maximum amount of overtime; your employer must pay you overtime wages (usually time and a half) for every hour over 40 hours in a week.

Time and half of 8.14?

Pay for 14 minutes overtime will depend on the amount of hourly wages.

Is there a law against unpaid overtime?

There are laws that protect you from unpaid wages. Contact your local Labor Board with the complaint. You will have to fill out a formal complaint against the company that owes the wages to you.

What is the difference between direct and indirect wages and salaries?

direct wages\salaries would be wages received from primary form of employment such as your paycheck. indirect wages\salaries would be from 1099 or contract employment or tips and things like that, any other form of wage of anykind.

How much of a bonus should an employer give for Christmas?

One weeks wages would be nice

Can an employer make an employee share his overtime wages with another employee who didn't work those hours?

No, not in the United States.

Is there a difference between a wage slip and a salary slip?

There is essentially no difference in the function of a wage or salary slip. Wages are general paid by the hour and a salary is pay that is not based on hours.