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The direct vote of citizens to elect the President of the United States is called the Popular Vote. The race for President of the United States also takes into account Electoral Votes. Electoral Votes are given to candidates who win the Popular Vote in a particular state.

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Q: Direct vote of citizens elects president?
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What people can vote for president and vice president?

US citizens who are registered to vote elect delegates to the Electoral College, and the Electoral College elects the president and VP.

Who elects the president and vice president if no one wins a marjority vote of electoral college votes?

The House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President.

Who chosses the president of the United States?

The Electoral College elects the president. Technically the citizens elects "electorates" who then cast the votes from their states for president. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Basic governmental education.

What vote actually elects a candidate as president?

electoral college

Who elects the governor in Rhode Island?

He or she is elected by a direct vote of the voting electorate.

Who elects the president after the people have voted?

The people vote for the Electors who in turn vote for the President. The group is called the Electoral College

How is the president elected?

Each state appoints or elects electors who then vote for the candidate they are sworn to vote for.

Who officially elects the president of the unite states?

The people (read: noncriminal citizens above the age of 18) of that country. The people of the United States elect the President by Popular Vote, but the Electoral College is the body that officially elects the President into office. (There have been 4 Presidents elected into office by the Electoral College that lost the popular vote, which means that the majority of people didn't vote for that president.

Who elects the president in American?

The U. S. President and Vice President are elected by the 538 electors who are chosen by the voting public on Election Day based on who they have pledged to vote for in the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections on the Monday after the 2nd Wednesday of December.

How many citizens have to vote for a president?

No one is forced to vote for president

What was the constitutional institution for choosing presidents that came under severe criticism after the 2000 popular vote winner failed to win the office?

The electoral college elects the president, not the direct popular vote. There is a reason for this, but Gore supporters were disappointed when their man was not elected president after carrying the popular vote.

What type of democracy do all citizens vote directly with no elected representatives?