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When Alexander the great expanded his empire that was globalization. When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in search of a better route to the Indies and accidentally found the new world, that was globalization. When Lucky Lindberg flew across the world nonstop that was globalization. Each of these actions had an effect on the entire world and Alexanders actions have affected us all and yet it has done so over a long slow period of time. Columbus discovery slowly led to rapid colonization of the new world that slowly led to rapid revolts and new governments. By the time Lindberg got lucky time was speeding up and the notion of a future being someday came ever so closer to the future being now. Today, this is the globalization we face, what happens in Peoria affects the world in minutes and what happens in Bath affects the world in minutes. We are all experiencing the future at a rate never seen before. We are all connected to each other in a way we never were. I join wikianswers and answer a few questions and some time later stop answering questions and people I've never seen in person or heard their voices, wonder what the heck happened to me. Thirty years ago, I could only hope to write words read by people around the world by being published by a global publisher. Today I post an answer here and I have a possible readership of four million users across the world and growing. This is globalization today. My voice is maybe not heard but it is read by people who never would have read this with out today's globalization. Conversely, I have access to others writing I never would have had access to without this globlalization. Stock markets crash together, wars affect us all in ways they just couldn't have a thousand years ago. This is globalization.

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Q: Discuss the concept of globolisation
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