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Divide and conquer is a premise that works like this: It is easier to defeat smaller groups of enemies than it is to defeat one large group of enemies, even though the total number of enemies is the same. Consider two armies on a battlefield. The easiest method for Army A to defeat Army B is to "break up" Army B's large body of soldiers, and separate them into smaller groups. In this way, Army A can concentrate on defeating a much smaller group of soldiers, one group at a time. Army B's smaller groups are prevented from receiving support from the larger group. They cannot easily get reinforcements or refill ammunition. They are helpless against Army A's larger force. This idea is not limited to the battlefield, however. In society, it is always easier to convince one person of an idea than to convince a large room of people. Individuals on their own are easier to control because they do not have the support of a "group mentality" or emotional defense.

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Q: Divide and conquer is used as strategy to control people how does it work?
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