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President Lincoln was faced with a problem following the cnclusion fot the U S civil war. how to deal with the gangs of whites who were not in uniform of either side going about taking vengeance. He LIncoln. did grant an Amnesty to combatants of both sides. but those were the combatants. what about the civilians how could he address these in the the federal courts?

<u>we have a challenge now with the Proud Boys and other graups. we couod invoke the authority of creating legistlative courts article 1 sectio  8 courts.</u>
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Q: Do you not think the Fathers' of the constitution envivioned a court to deal with military authority wrongfully used. or a aramilitary band of or a MIlitia a brotherhood sudh as we exerienced with the proud boyw and the right wing oliticos on 1/6/2021?
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