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nope they wont like americian men we dont speak spanish i do

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Q: Do Brazilian women like American men?
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Do Brazilian's like black or white men more?

Well. Brazilian men like white women. Just call one. Area code for Brazil is (+55).

Are British women obsesd with American men like American women being obsesed with british men?

That's really an opinion

What is the position of the Brazilian woman?

Brazilian women still has a weaker position compared to Brazilian men in terms of the job market. Brazilian women are offered lower salary and less chances of promotion compared to their male counterpart.

What are the main reasons women do Brazilian Waxing?

reasons for Brazilian waxThe main reasons women do Brazilian waxing are:1. to make sure pubic hair is not showing through their swimsuit bottoms.2. Some men don't like it when they must have sex with a women who has pubic hair.3. it is easier to clean.

Do native American men like black women?


Do African-American men like big butts?

Science has revealed that all men like curves on women and therefore women possessing callipygian appear attractive.

How do polish men treat their women?

Any answer would be a generalization. You may want to reword your question.

Do Jamaican men respect African American women?

NO....Jamaican Men like their own Jamaican women.

Did American women get the same rights as men after the American revolution?

No, because like it said in the declaration of independence all men are created equally. Not women, they didn't get the same rights as men until the 19th century

Do Asian men like African American women?

some do and some don't.

Is it good for American women to date Nigerian men?

If they like the guy 0.0

Do American women like scottish men?

Some women love them, some not so much. Most really like the accent and kilt.