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Q: Do Governments perform many functions for their stakeholders?
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How many different functions does a computer perform?

with the technology we have now a days, the computer can perform trillions of different functions.

How does the system tigers interact of to perform life functions?

Many things

Are used to build and perform life functions in many organisms?


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Complex organisms need cells that perform many different functions. Complex organisms are capable of a lot of different things, and that variety needs to be supported on the cellular level. Without them, complex organisms cannot perform different functions.

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There are many different functions PowerISO can perform. Some of there are creating ISO files for burning DVDs and CDs, mounting ISO files to virtual DVD drives, and burning CDs and DVDs.

Example of general purpose machine?

A machine that can perform many different functions for everyday use

Why can protein perform so many different functions?

Because it is a principal component of all cells.

What will happen if the liver fail to perform its functions?

Which functions of the liver have failed in this case? You can not live without this organ and it has many functions. The liver makes many proteins, digestive hormones, stores glycogen, breaks down toxins and many others.

Who wants to change the rainforest?

Many stakeholders, including governments, corporations, and local communities, may have interests that involve changing the rainforest for purposes such as agriculture, infrastructure development, mining, or logging. Balancing the needs of these stakeholders with environmental conservation efforts is a complex challenge.

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yes you can do math in excel, it is very easy.

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The master gland is called so bcoz it can perform many functions at a single time

Why do you think many different structures are needed by respiratory system?

We have different structures that perform different functions so the body can be more efficient.