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Yes Muslims can spit when fasting! I have!

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Probably, there disgusting!!

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Q: Do Muslims spit before serving food?
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What is the origin of the spit handshake?

The 'Spit Handshake' originated around the 14th century in modern day Czechoslovakia. Working class individuals often had dry and callous hands due to hard labour, so when handshaking an individual they experienced some pain. In fact there was an account, (fabricated most likely) of two men's hands spontaneously conbusting due to the friction generated from their handshake. To counter this pesky and common problem, Hans Spitstein developed the 'Spit Handshake' in which both parties would lubricate their hands before commencing the act. Obviously as these were working class men, oil was not readily available and so spit was used as a replacement. Over time the act of spitting on one's hand and offering it became viewed as an act of respect and trust, involving into the 'Spit Handshake' we know and love. Sources: A Brief History of the Handshake

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the spit is something that the tudors used to cook there food the spit was usually given to a tudor child you really wouldn't want to be a child in tudor times

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