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i think you mean do all governing party's have represents and yes they do

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Q: Do all governments all represenatives
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In some ways all government are similar which one is an example of this similarity?

all governments have represenatives

Who are Utahs house of represenatives?

how many represenatives are in utah's house of represenatives

How are represenatives and senators the same?

They all are part of government

What is a member of the house of represenatives called?


How many Represenatives are elected by California every other year?

All of them.

How many voting memebers dose the house of represenatives have?

435, All vote.

How does the house of represenatives achieve their particular offece?

All Representatives are elected; they cannot be appointed.

Does California have more than 55 represenatives or fewer than 55 represenatives?


Do all governments have representatives?

No. All governments do not have representatives. When the United States was established, most governments did not have representatives.

What individual presides over the Georgia house of represenatives and the US house of represenatives?

He or she is called the Speaker of the House.

How old is a person allowed to be to join the house of represenatives?

how old is a person allowed to be to join the house of represenatives?

How many represenatives are there?