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In general, no.

The position of General Secretary is more analogous to Prime Minister than President. Any position labeled "President" in a communist country is generally a purely ceremonial position.

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Q: Do communist countries have presidents
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How can cuba have a president and be communist?

There is nothing that prohibits Communist countries from having Presidents. The presidents, however, are not "democratically" elected as in the USA. OK, they are democratically elected per the communist country rules (different rules).

What role did Radio Free Europe play in Western countries' Cold War strategy?

Answer this question… It undermined communist ideology in communist countries.

What was the Eastern bloc made up of?

communist countries led by the Soviet Union

What was the barrier that isolated communist countries during the cold war?

If you're referring to the barrier that separated communist countries in Europe from non-communist countries, the answer is the Berlin Wall.

Are almost all South American countries communist?

No. There are in fact no countries in South America that are communist.

What side did china support in the cold war?

China is a communist country. The cold war was between the western countries and the communist countries. China supported the communist countries.

What type of government does east Africa have?

Most of the countries in East Africa are republics with elected presidents. Ethiopia was a monarchy until 1974, when it came under Communist rule.

Do communist countries have constitution?

The awnser is no because ther are no laws in communist countries. Well for government officials that is!

Is the Communist Party illegal?

Yes, in any countries that are not communist countries, the communist party is illegal in those countries because their laws banned the communist party to protect people. More than 3 million innocent civilian people died because of the communist party.

What do bad communist countries do?

about what?

How many countries in the Caribbean area are communist?

As of now, there are no countries in the Caribbean area that are governed by a communist political system. Some countries in the Caribbean have socialist parties or elements in their government, but none are strictly communist.

What are the non-communist countries after world war 2?

There were too many countries around the world to name to answer your question. It would be easier to name the communist countries and then you can figure out which countries around the world were not communist countries. These were the communist countries: China, North Korea, The Soviet Union and all its captured countries from World War 2 such as Czecholovakia, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic Nations, Lithuania, and others. Later Viet Nam became a communist country when the North Vietnamese defeated South Viet Nam. Most of the non-communist countries became part of the United Nations so you can look on the history of their list of countries.