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No. It's theoretically possible for a president of the US to have three nonconsecutive terms in office (elected vice-president, becomes president more than two years into his term, loses (or doesn't run) the next election, runs for president in a later election and wins, loses (or doesn't run) in the next election, runs AGAIN in a later election and wins).

The only US president so far to serve non-consecutive terms was Grover Cleveland, who was elected in 1884, lost to Benjamin Harrison (despite winning the popular vote) in 1888, and was elected again in 1892.

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No. The Constitution only limits the President to two terms. It does not make any distiction as to if those terms are consecutive or not.

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Q: Do two terms of president have to be consecutive?
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What President was the Sandwich President?

Benjamin Harrison, who was "sandwiched" between the two non-consecutive terms of Grover Cleveland. Grover Cleveland was the only US President to be elected two times in non-consecutive terms.

Who was the 1st democratic president to be elected to 2 consecutive terms after Andrew Jackson?

Woodrow Wilson was the first Democrat to be elected President for two consecutive terms after Andrew Jackson. In between the two, Democrat Grover Cleveland was President twice, but he was not elected to two consecutive terms.

What is unusual about Cleveland's service in the presidency?

His two terms as President were not CONSECUTIVE terms.

How may terms did president Clinton serve?

President Clinton served two consecutive terms from 1993 to 2001

Can a US president be elected longer than 2 consecutive terms?

No. The Constitution of the United States only allows for two consecutive terms of any one administration. That does not mean that a President who has served two consecutive terms cannot nominate and run for Presidency in the future.

Who was the first president who served two terms that were not consecutive was?

John Adams

What are the most amounts of terms a president can serve?

A president can serve up to two consecutive terms totaling eight years.

What president was elected to two non consecutive terms in 1884-1892?

grover cleveland

What is the maximum number of terms for a president?

There is no overall maximum number of terms that someone can be President of the USA, but there is a limit of two consecutive terms. It is possible that someone could serve two terms, sit out a term, then serve two more terms.

Only president ot serve two interrupted terms of office?

Grover Cleveland is the only US president to serve two non-consecutive (or two interrupted) terms of office.

USA president not to serve two consecutive terms?

The restriction is not on consecutive terms but on two terms. For a bit of the history of the amendment and for the amendment itself, with all the details of the restriction, see

What president served more than two consecutive terms in office?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.