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some do i am sure.

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Q: Do women wear black armbands
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Why wear Black armbands in Europe?

Black armbands used to be warn during mourning, but they are rare now.

Can students still wear black armbands?

It's up to your school.

Why did Chelsea players wear black armbands on November 25 2012?

They wore black armbands in memory of former Chelsea and Manchester United manager Dave Sexton, who died at the age of 82.

What did the public wear when Sherlock Holmes died?

They wore black armbands. It was a common symbol of mourning in Victorian times.

Why do bass players wear armbands while playing?

This depends. Some wear armbands to stop the sweat from dripping down their hands, wear it to look cool... and lastly, some wear armbands to protect their arm from rubbing/sticking against the bass.

Why are England wearing black armbands tonight?

they wore black armbands to mark the manchester munich air disaster anniversary

Why do Italian players wear black armbands during todays match?

1 italian soldier died in Afghanistan this week so there wearing a black arm band.

Why do old Italian women wear black?

Old Italian women wear black to symbolise they are widows.

Do women have to wear black to a black tie event?

No. While men wear tuxedos--well-dressed men wear a black bow tie--women have more latitude. However, black is a popular color for women's evening-wear, given its simplicity and formality.

Do all moms wear black stockings?

No, not all mothers or all women wear black stockings. Some women will wear them if they are wearing a black skirt or dress and others won't.

Why did the Jews need to wear armbands in World War 2?

To segregate them.

What colors are for men and what colors are for women?

men wear pink and women wear black