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Yes it is better because kids can get there full vitamins they need to get through the day

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Q: Do you focus better in school when you have longer lunches?
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Do people with regular clothes focus better in school?

not officially.

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Should boys and girls separated in school?

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Is unhealthy lunches served in schools the reason why kids are behaving poorly in class?

It's nice to posit a tentative link, but the answer at this point is probably no. No single factor could account for poor behavior and while poor nutrition probably does contribute to irritability and poor focus, it's not the only cause and lunches represent only a portion of this nutrition. Even a "bad" school lunch, high in salt, saturated fat and sugars still contains a reasonable number of calories from carbohydrates, fats and protein. A "bad" school lunch is still far better than outright junkfood or no meal at all. While such lunches probably are contributing to obesity and will have children gripping their chest in thirty years, the impact is not enough to cause bad behavior.

Why are the lunches at school so short?

because its our only break for the day and we need time to enjoy it

How do you focus better at school?

sit near the front, dont be talking to other students, listen carefully to lectures and instructions

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this camp that help you prepare for when school really starts like for kids who are falling behind., in this camp you will learn how to focus better have a healthy breakfast and snack, do better on tests,and have assistance on homework so you wont be as behind as you were.