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Q: Do you have any pictures relating to the quartering act?
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What was the two different quartering act if any?


Any intristing information about Quartering Act?


What was the main idea behind the quartering act?

The Quartering Act was a bill passed stating "All colonists are to house and supply any soldier in need."

What happened if you didn't follow the Quartering Act law?

Many colonists did not like the Quartering Act law and did not follow it. This did not cause them to get into any trouble rather because of their non-compliance the act expired in 1767.

What Was The Quartering Act All About?

Quartering act is about that all the British troops will get housing by colonists. the troops can live in any house they want. ad they don't have to pay for anything. they will get food, salt, and bedding for free.

What act required colonies to provide housing and supplies?

The Quartering Act is a name given to a minimum of two Acts of British Parliament in the 18th century. Parliament enacted them to order local governments of the American colonies to provide the British soldiers with any needed accommodations. It also required citizens to provide food for any British soldiers in the area. Each of the Quartering Acts was an amendment to the Mutiny Act and required annual renewal by Parliament. They were originally intended as a response to issues that arose during the French and Indian War and soon became a source of tension between the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies and the government in London, England. These tensions would later fuel the fire that led to the Revolutionary War.

What amendment is a direct result of the actions that came from the resuts of the Quartering Act prior to the Revolutionary War?

The Constitutional Amendment that resulted from the Quartering Act is the Third: "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

How did some colonists protest the quartering act?

in 1767 the new york assembly decided not to approve any funds for salt vinegar and liquor.

What is a good Slogan against the quartering act?

I don't know any quotes specifically about the quartering act, but I do know that General Thomas Gage, who was primarily a supporter of England, spoke out against many of the acts England was imposing against the colonies. "The Question is not of the inexpediency of the Stamp Act, or the inability of the Colonys to pay the Tax, but that it is unconstitutional, and contrary to their Rights, supporting the Independency of the Provinces, and not Subject to the Legislative Power of Great Britain"

Why we're british troops sent to Boston?

They were sent because of the quartering act which was a act that the colonists had to give food and shelter to the troops and because the troops were to watch over the colonists so they won't rebel or -protest or any against things.

Is there any differences between relating to and related to?

"Relating to" typically refers to the act of connecting or establishing a relationship with something, whereas "related to" usually implies a connection or association between two things. In essence, "relating to" involves the process of making a connection, while "related to" describes an existing connection or relationship.

Is quartering an appropriate punishment for treason?

Do you mean now, in the 21st Century? It is not an appropriate punishment for any crime at any time. Capital punishment is practiced by some nations and this is controversial enough. Quartering is utterly barbaric.