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i do not know if he did! So shouldint the people who made this website be answering this question!

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Q: Does Andrew Clements have any pets?
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What is Andrew Clements full name?

Andrew Elborn Clements.

Who came up with the word frindle?

Andrew Clements

How many children does Andrew clements have?

Andrew Clements has 3 children

Who are Andrew Clements parents?

Andrew Clements parents are Martha and John Clements :)

Is Andrew Clements single?

No, Andrew Clements is not single.

Did Andrew clements have any sisters?

he had one sister.

Where did Andrew clements die?

Andrew Clements is still alive.

Who is Andrew clements wife?

Andrew Clements is married to his wife, Rebecca.Andrew Clements' wife is named Rebecca Pierpont Clements.

What year was Andrew clements son ray born?

Ray Clements, son of Andrew Clements, was born in 1984.

What is the name of Andrew clements wife?

Andrew Clements' wife is named Rebecca Pierpont Clements.

Does Andrew Clements have kids?

Yes, Andrew Clements died on November 28, 2019

What year was Andrew clements born in?

Andrew Clements was born in 1949.