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Q: Does Congress have the power to deny citizenship?
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What is the power of the president to deny negate or disapprove the acts passed by the congress?

The power of veto.

List of inherent powers?

There are three things that the inherent has power over. The government has the power to form and maintain diplomatic relations, protect its citizens and to grant or deny citizenship.

What are the 3 limitations on the power of congress to deny people rights?

The three limitations on the power of congress to deny peoples rights can be found in section 9 of the Constitution. The limitations are; slave trade, habeas cobras and bills of attainer.

Can the government deny a job because a person has a dual citizenship?

It is highly unlikely that a government will deny a job because of dual citizenship. However, in certain cases, people with singular citizenship may be given first priority.

What British laws caused the Americans to deny the Confederation Congress the power to tax?

Memories of the Stamp Act(s)

How do the citizenship provisions of the fourteenth amendment demonstrate the principles if federalism?

The amendment recognizes the existence of both state and national levels of citizenship, although becoming a national citizen automatically makes one a state citizen. States have the power to deny certain citizens some of the privileges of citizenship. However, only the national government can grant, deny, or revoke citizenship itself. These provisions exemplify federalism's hierarchy and diffusion of authority

What you mean when you use the term balance of power when referring to your federal government?

balance of power is power shared between the legislative, executive, and the judicial branches. for example the president has the power to appoint federal officials and approve or deny a bill passed by congress. congress has the power to approve or deny presidential appointment and pass bills. and judicial branch has the power to call the executive and the legislative actions unconstitutional or constitutional

How does youth crime link to citizenship?

It doesn't.Another View: It MAY. If the citizenship candidate has a substantial criminal record it may delay or deny them the privilege of citizenship (in the US).

What power does Congress possess that allows citizens of one country to become citizens of another country?

If you mean the Congress of the Unites States of America, then that congress has the power to determine how non US citizens can (if they want) become US citizens. It does not have power to determine the rules for citizenship for any other country.

What is a right of citizenship that states government can deny a convicted criminal?

the right to vote

What is the right of a president to deny information to congress?

Executive Privilege

What area of the US only gets to vote for presidents and has no senators or representation in congress?

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory that has no power in congress and no representation in the house, but have full citizenship. However, I do not think they can vote for presidents either.