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Yes, every culture has a name for a deity. This has dated back to the time of the Egyptians.

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No, some have a multitude of gods.

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Q: Does Every culture have a name for a deity?
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Which is not a Sumerian city?

Sumerian city-states were the center of the Sumerian culture. The cities Patron Deity: Modern Day Name: Biblical Name: not mentioned in the Bible.

What is Buddhism's name of deity?

There is no deity worshipped in Buddhism

What was the name of deity for Islam?

The sole deity in Islam is called Allah.

Why was fate important in Norse culture?

The deity of the Norns who dictated the past, present and future.

What is another name for goddess?

A deity.

Is El the deity of Canaanites or the Creator's name in Hebrew?

"El" is a Hebrew word that means "God" or "god", but is not the name of God. "El" was also the name of a Canaanite deity.

Do all religions know god's name?

Not all religions recognize a deity, like Hinduism in which there is no deity.

What is the meaning of the name 'Varun'?

The name 'Varun' is of Indian origin and means 'god of the water' in Hindu mythology. Varun is considered the deity of oceans and rivers in Indian culture.

What is the name of the deity of the religion Buddhism?

There is none.

What elements from the Beowulf reflects the Anglo-saxon culture after the conversion paganism?

References to one supreme deity reflects the Anglo-Saxon culture after the conversion from paganism.

What is nyx's full name?

Nyx (Night) is the name of a Greek deity.

Is there a god that first name starts with a d?

a 'deity'