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she was loyal and couragous and heartfelt and very compasionate

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yes i had one but i cant tell u

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Q: Does Mary Ludwig Hays have any quotes?
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Did Mary Ludwig Hays have any jobs?

she was a servent for dr william

Did Mary Ludwig Hays have any brothers or sisters?

yes Brian and Diane

Why did it take Pennsylvania so long to grant a pension to Mary Hays?

Probably because like today the truth and the legend of Molly Pitcher are very difficult to sort out. In any case Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley did receive her 40 dollars per year starting in 1822 and died at the age of 78 in 1832.

Were there any women in the American Army during the American Revolution?

The actual number remains unclear, but yes they existed diguised as men. One was Robert Shirtliffe or Deborah Samson of Plympton, Massachusetts. Another famous one was Margaret Cochran Corbin, "Captain Molly". and Mary Ludwig Hays, "Mary the Pitcher".

Who helped bring water to the so lders at the battle if monmouth?

"Molly Pitcher", who at the Battle of Monmouth is generally believed to have been a woman named Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly. "Molly Pitcher" may have been a general nickname given to any woman who carried water to soldiers during a battle.

Did Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke have any famous quotes?

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Where did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley took water to the soldiers?

At the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, in New Jersey, June 28, 1778. It was extremely hot that day, well over one hundred degrees. Many soldiers died of heatstroke. But the water Mary carried was not for drinking. Her husband was an artilleryman, part of a cannon crew. After the gun was fired a soldier had a sponge on a long wooden staff which he used to swab out the inside of the barrel. This extinguished any remaining burning material in the barrel from the previous shot, which kept the powder for the next shot from exploding while they were trying to reload to the gun. Obviously this was very important. The sponge had to be kept wet. When they got low on water in the sponge bucket, the soldiers would call "Molly, pitcher!" which was how she got her nickname.

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