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ye sshe did she had some brothers

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Q: Does Nina Bawden have siblings
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What is the birth name of Nina Bawden?

Nina Bawden's birth name is Nina Mary Mabey.

When was Nina Bawden born?

Nina Bawden was born on January 19, 1925.

What is Nina Bawden's birthday?

Nina Bawden was born on January 19, 1925.

When did Nina bawden die?

Nina Bawden died on Wednesday 22nd August 2012.

Who wrote 'Carries war'?

Nina bawden wrote this book and haha i am the first one to answer this question

Did Nina bawden have kids?


Was Nina Bawden evacuated?


How old is Nina Bawden?

Nina Bawden was 87 years old when she died on August 22, 2012 (birthdate: January 19, 1925).

Is Nina Bawden still aIive?


Where was Nina Bawden born?

She was born in 1925

How many brothers did Nina bawden have?

she had a son

Where does Nina Bawden live?

Nina Bawden passed away on August 22, 2012. She lived in London, England at the time of her passing. She was 87 when she died.