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Yes her name us Bridget

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Q: Does Steve peacocke have a girlfriend?
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Who is Steve peacocke's girlfriend?

steve peacock from home and away who is girlfriend

Who is Steve peacocke's girlfriend in real life?


When was Steve Peacocke born?

Steve Peacocke was born on 1981-10-30.

What nicknames does Stephen Peacocke go by?

Stephen Peacocke goes by Steve.

How old is Steve peacocke?


How tall is the actor steve peacocke actor?

6ft 1inch

Who is Steve peacocke's biggest fan?

Kellie Lea Manning

How old is the actor Steve Peacocke home and away?


Who is Steve peacocke dating?

He is dating a women called Bridgette :)

How long Steve peacocke been with bridgette?

Four years

Who plays Darryl brax on home and away?

Brax is played by Steve Peacocke :)

What is the marital status of the actor steve peacocke?

He is dating a women called Bridgette :)