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Q: Does a citizen owe loyalty or a duty to his or her country?
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Who are community members who owe loyalty to the government?

It is a citizen!:)

Who will you owe you loyalty to?

A man owes his allegiance to his country.

What is your relationship with your state?

If you are speaking of one of the States of the United States of America, you are a citizen of that state and country. In return for protection, you are subject to their laws and owe duties and loyalty to them. As a voter you are considered a constituent.

Did the lords owe loyalty to the monarch?


Who did a vassal owe his first loyalty to?

The lords or lesser lords

What level of duty does CI owe to BTF and have they breached that duty?


What is the belief that people owe loyalty to a nation?

I think that you probably mean 'Patriotism'.

The system of rule by lords who owe loyalty to their kings is called?


What is the US duty on loose diamonds?

In order to pay the duty you owe when you bring loose diamonds into the United States, you can either work with a broker who can help you calculate what you owe, or you can work with the Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification system to determine the rate of duty that you owe and pay it upon entry. You can find a link to the HTS download, below.

Can you stop someone from leaving the country if they owe you money?

nope lol but if they owe you money it is highly doubtfull they will afort to leave the country.

What country does not owe money to another country?

Israel and Switzerland

What are some of the causes of Poverty?

Massive economic changes, taxing, a country demanding money upon a citizen's emigration from that country, too much debt, negative numbers in a bank account (you owe the bank), war, and enourmous costs are some of the causes of poverty.