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probably not.

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Q: Does a company with 8 employees covered under equal rights amendment?
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What guarantees in the bill of rights are not now covered by the 14th amendment's due process clause?

The only amendment in the Bill of Rights not covered by the 14th amendment's Due Process clause is the 2nd, right to bear arms.

What amendment establishes the constitutional rights to tax American employees and employeers?


Why was the ninth amendment added to the constitution?

The ninth amendment covered other rights not specifically mentioned in the constitution.

Explain the Miranda rights and what amendment is it covered by?

The Miranda rights are a collection of rights that a suspect is read so that she knows what she is allowed to do. The first comes from the 5th amendment and means that the suspect is allowed to stay quiet during questioning. The second is from the 6th amendment, the right to an attorney whether or not she can afford one.

What was the failed constitutional amendment that was intended to give equality to woman?

The Equal Rights Amendment

Is a library covered under the Fourteenth Amendment?

In what way? A library is typically a government-owned entity, so the relevant portions of the Bill of Rights that have been applied to the state through "selective incorporation" also apply to any agent of the government (like a library and its employees).

Rights not found specifically in the Bill of Rights are protected by the which Amendment?

Fifth amendment

What are an employees rights when a company has lost their evaluation?

Right concerning WHAT? The employer simply asks the employees raters, presumably the employees supervisor and manager to re-do and re-submit their evaluation.

Should students have their 1st amendment rights upheld inside of school?

The first amendment, also known as, freedom of speech, is upheld throughout the country, whether it be for students, or employees. So the answer to your question, yes.

what are a Prisoner rights?

Prisoners in the United States have rights that are covered under the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Some of these right are that they are to be treated equally based on race, sex, and creed.

What constitutional rights are covered in Miranda?

The right to remain silent. 5th amendment. If your are arrested never say anything without your attorney present.

What amendment from the bill of rights protects peoples rights to be a Muslim?

1st amendment