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The presidents salary is set by the United States Congress. The President's salary has only been raised once since 1980.

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yes, i believe it is 400k a year, that is whats sad about our country actors and sports players make more

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Q: Does a presidents salary always remain the same while in office?
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Does a presidents salary always remain the same while they are in office?


Does the president's salary always remain the same while in the office?

The president's salary can not changed until after the current term expires. However, the salary for the next term can be changed by Congress which means a president can get a different salary for his second term. US Grant found his salary doubled for his second term .

Can congress lower the presidents salary effective immediately?

No- Congress can not reduce the salaries of people already in office.

What rules affect the presidents salary?

There is a rule that the president's salary can not be changed in the middle of a term.

Can the presidents salary rise or lower during his or her term of office?

Pay raises become effective with the next term in office for Congressman. As far as the President is concerned, they can raise his salary anytime they wish.

When does the presidents salary end?

The president's large salary ends when he leaves office, but a lesser amount for life as a pension plus some expense money for secretarial help.

How many presidents are still living that you are paying full salary for?

Former presidents who are still alive are Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. They do NOT continue to earn the same full salary they made in office.

How do presidents get a salary after they serve their term?

US presidents currently get a pension after they leave office. The pension was authorized by Congress and is automatic. It is not an "entitlement" or funded by contributions from the President. It can be reduced or revoked at the will of Congress.

What is the presidents annual compensation and salary?

Salary of 400k.

When was it decided that a president who is no longer in office would receive a lifetime salary?

The President of the United Stated doesn't get a lifetime salary. He gets a pension that's about half his former salary. This was last changed by the Former Presidents Act in 1958.

When did they start paying the president?

The president has always been paid. Washington did not want to accept his salary, but became convinced that later presidents might need the money, so he accepted his salary.

Is President Obama keeping his pay?

Yes, and so do the vast majority of the presidents. There have been several who donated their entire salary to charity, but most presidents, even if they have a lot of money, do take their salary. That said, some presidents decide to donate a portion of it to worthy causes during the time they are in office-- Barack Obama has been doing this every year, and he is not the only one.