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The President stays in office until the end of his term, regardless if a war starts between the election and inauguration.

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Q: Does an acting president remain in office if a war starts before the election?
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Who was the first us president not to hold any other office before election?


This US President was never elected to a government office before his election?

Ulysses S. Grant

Who was the first president to not seek re election after his first term in office?

James Polk was the first president who did not seek re-election after serving his first term in office. Other presidents before him did not serve two terms, but they sought re-election and failed to get it.

When does a new president takes office after an election?

The date is January 20 in the year after the November election.

How can you be a president?

By running for office when the election comes.

Who was the only President who did not win an election in either the office of President or Vice President?


What happens when a state lieutenant governor resigns?

When a vacancy occurs in the office of the lieutenant governor of Texas, the Senate will elect one of its members as the acting President of the Senate until the next state-wide office election.

A sitting president who loses an election in November or is not eligible for re-election but remains in office until January is often called?

a Lame Duck. or A still-in-office-president.

When the post of president and vice president both are vacant who officiates as the president?

If the vacancies are due to the death, resignation or removal from office of both the President and Vice President, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, if qualified, resigns from the House, becomes President, and appoints a new vice president, subject to congressional approval. If the vacancies are because the winners of the presidential and vice-presidential elections have not yet been determined by Inauguration Day, the Speaker of the House becomes Acting President until the election winners are determined. If the House Speaker is serving as Acting President when the winner of the vice presidential election has been determined but the winner of the presidential election still has not yet been determined, the Vice President takes over as Acting President until the presidential election winner is determined.

Do you have to win he senate's seat before competing with the president in the presidential election?

No. Several Presidents were governors or held other political office prior to becoming President. Some held no political office at all.

What is it called when a president stays in office after the election of a new president?

lame duck

Why was there no Vice President when Millard Filmore was president?

Fillmore was elected as vice-president and began president because President Taylor died in office. In those days, there was no way to replace the vice-president before the next election.