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Yeah it does.

For most providers.

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Q: Does free unlimited incoming calls mean that you dont use mins when people call you?
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What is the function of the call pickup feature?

to allow a station to answer incoming calls to another stationTo allow a station to answer incoming calls to another station.

What are the elements of phone?

Receving incoming calls and having a call on outgoing call

What does unlimited incoming calls mean?

Im not that good with that kind of stuff,but i think it means people can call you as much as they want without you getting added fees or using minutes. SO don't tell youre annoying freinds youre number =)

Can i receive incoming call even without personal load?

You should be able to accept incoming calls without a personal loan. You should not have to have a personal loan in order to receive incoming calls.

How do you view names of incoming calls on nokia 6303?

in call log

How can you accept incoming calls?

in most of the phone model have a green button just press that button when you got and incoming call .....

What is the call barring code for incoming calls in nokia 2700 clasic?


What does incoming calls on cell phone mean?

Just that - incoming calls. When someone calls your mobile phone number, this also eats up your 'anytime' minutes during peak use times.

How can i see all incoming and outgoing call of the mobile number 7599333733?

Outgoing calls should be itemised on your bill. Incoming calls are not usually listed (because you're not charged to receive calls !) If that's not your number - you have no right to access the calls information !

How you get your call history with number of incoming and outgoing?

Display problem, not acces my received calls numbers, dailed calls numbers

How do you block incoming calls from your SAMSUNG straight talk phone?

The Samsung Straight Talk phone has a menu allowing incoming calls to be blocked. It can be found as an option when the call comes in. An application can also be downloaded to do this.

Would sprint charge you if someone calls you out of state?

If you have a Sprint cellphone, you will pay for an incoming call if you exceed the allowed included minutes in your calling plan, but that charge does not depend on where the call originates. If you have Sprint long distance service on your landline, you will not pay for incoming calls, unless you accept a collect call.