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Gender inequality does not have to affect only women, although that is how it is often thought of.

Gender inequality is usually the result of stereotypes, which can be harmful to both parties. Just as stereotypes promote the idea of women being at home, taking care of the kids, they also promote the idea of men being the breadwinner and working. Women sometimes face discrimination at work, while men can face discrimination for being at home with their families while their wives work.

That is only one example, but any gender stereotype that promotes gender inequality affects both men and women and how they are seen.

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Q: Does gender inequality affect the condition of men?
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Elements of social policy of gender inequality in the workplace?

There is always going to be gender inequality in the work place because men and women will always be different creatures.

What does gender stratified mean?

It is another term for gender inequality. It means that men and women don't have equal access to power, prestige, and property.

Does gender affect respiration rate?

yes, men have lower heart rate.

How has gender division of labor caused inequality?

In most societies, the men traditionally assume the more important jobs. This leads to the men making more money than the women. And this financial disparity is one significant cause of the perceived inequality between the genders. --CM

How does inequality among men and women affects your overwellness?

Any inequality between men and women is strictly in the minds of the men.

How religion perpetrates gender inequality?

Most religions do have different rules for women than for men. The Roman Catholic Church will not ordain women as priests, although the Anglican Church does. Islam places women in a highly subservient role to men in many different ways. There do exist some religions that do not perpetrate gender inequality, for example, the Unitarian Universalist Church.

Do advertisements promote gender inequality?

Whether or not advertisements promote gender inequality is debatable. Certainly commercials and advertisements are geared to one gender or another depending on the product. Cleaning supplies, diapers, and children activities are usually geared towards women, as women are usually responsible for childcare and taking care of the home. Muscle enhancers, electronics, and cars are usually geared towards men. Some may look at this as gender inequality but, others may just see this as the social norms.

What sociologist suggested that gender inequality became more pronounced with the development of the plow as men assumed the duties of plowing and caring for the cattle?

Sociologist Sandra Bem suggested that gender inequality became more pronounced after the plow invention. But, she does not say this directly. She says that the roles of men and women changed because of duties assigned to the household during pioneer days in the United States.

Does Hemophilia affect men more than woman?

Yes. In fact hemphilia only affect men. The condition is tied to the male chromosome.

Does gender affect breathing rate?

yes. woman and children breath faster than men

Does gender affect who abuses the elderly?

Equal numbers of men and women have been identified as the abusers

How does inequality among men and women affects a community?

If inequality is presents, whether it's between race, gender, or sexual preference, discontent will occur. Individuals that exist with equal rights are shown to be happier, healthier, and more productive members of society.

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