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Yes, the John Birch Society still exists. See 'Republican Tea Party'.

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Q: Does john birch society still exist?
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When was John Birch Society created?

John Birch Society was created in 1958.

What has the author Richard Vahan written?

Richard Vahan has written: 'The truth about the John Birch Society' -- subject(s): John Birch Society

Who uses the John Birch Society's member list?


What has the author Bryan W Stevens written?

Bryan W. Stevens has written: 'The John Birch Society in California politics, 1966' -- subject(s): John Birch Society, Politics and government

Where was the John Birch Society founded?

San Marino Califonia in 1958

Are there still anti communist groups around today?

The John Birch society. Named after a man who is considered by many to be the first American who gave his life fighting the cold war again communism.

What has the author John William Birch written?

John William Birch has written: 'The Ancient history of the family Birch'

When was John Birch - diplomat - born?

John Birch - diplomat - was born in 1935.

When was John Birch - soldier - born?

John Birch - soldier - was born in 1615.

When did John Birch - luthier - die?

John Birch - luthier - died in 2000.

When was John Birch - luthier - born?

John Birch - luthier - was born in 1922.

When did John Birch - soldier - die?

John Birch - soldier - died in 1691.