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No. Air force one is only for the current US President. However, after the inauguration of Obama, the air plane that usually acts as air force one does offer to transport Bush to whatever he's home destination is one last time.

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Q: Does pres. bush get to keep air force one?
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George W Bush

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What two presidents served in air force?

George W. Bush was in the Air Force reserve but never on active duty George H. W. Bush was a distinguished navy pilot during World War II.

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charles v bush

How many hours did George Bush spend on air force 1?

George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. The amount of time that he spent on Air Force One is not stated, but it is stated that he spent thirty-two percent of his presidency on vacation.

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brussel sprouts

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Most Definitely

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As president, George W. Bush flew on the presidential aircraft known as Air Force One.

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There is a lot of people in the air force because they want to keep the people that are serving in are country and they want them to be safe and keep saving our solders