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Not necessarily. The twentieth amendment states that the process of electing a president will be through popular vote of citizens of the United States. In a way, the citizens of the United States are the electoral college.

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Q: Does the 20th amendment do away with the electoral college?
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What would change if the electoral college was eliminated?

The problem of faithless electors would be done away with.

What amendment made changes in the Electoral College system?

lol. i have that same question on my homework: 3. Which amendment did away with the system of voting by electors found in section 1 clause 2? _________________________________________________________

What is one proposal that has been made to change the Electoral College system?

One proposal to change the Electoral College system is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where states agree to award all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, regardless of the outcome in their state.

Should the Electoral college stay or go?

To pick more people to vote for.

What amendment did away with prohibition?

The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment ending prohibition.

Why can a strong third party mess up the Electoral College?

Because they can become "spoilers" for the other two major parties by taking votes away that they would have otherwise gotten.

What was the only constitutional amendment to take away a right?

The 18th amendment, prohibition

Who electoral college takes power from who?

The electoral college system in the United States takes power away from the popular vote and gives it to the states. It was designed to balance the interests of smaller states against larger states and ensure that the president is elected by a diverse range of states. This means that a candidate can win the popular vote but still lose the election if they do not secure enough electoral votes.

Which amendment says that the government cannot take away rights enjoyed by US citizens because it is not in the constitution?

amendment #1

What does the electorical college do?

Originally the electoral college was to allow elections when communication was slow between the states. It was also designed as safety-valve to prevent a "run-away" electorate. The usefullness of this model is currently in debate. George W. Bush won his first term by winning more electoral votes than the popular vote in the country. Problems with popular voting arise as well though. Because states with the highest populations will be where politicians target their campaigns while ignoring lower population states completely. With the electoral model all states still get at minimum 3 electoral votes, which in comparison to california is still small with their 55 votes.

What is the direct popular election?

There are two types of elections in the United States. The electoral college chooses the President. Every other elected position is through the direct popular vote. In this type of election the candidate with the most votes wins.

How Americans create a republic?

repeal the xvii amendment for starters. then decide just how much you really believe in equality of persons v. equality of opportunity. imho, citizenship should be earned by everyone in state, not given away so cheaply. it is and ought to be a privilege, not another damned entitlement! by all means, protect the electoral college. democracy is a vile and hellish perversion that only leads to despotism. let's play to the highest instead of the lowest denominator.