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No. It is a part of the Executive Branch.

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Q: Does the Justice Department fall under the Judicial Branch?
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What branch of government is the FBI under?

US TREASURYExecutiveLegislativeJudicial TeTe

What branch of government do police officers fall under executive or judicial?

It's not. Law enforcement is a function of the Executive Branch of government, not the Legislative Branch. The US Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. He is also the head of the US Department of Justice. State and local police departments are likewise considered part of the Executive Branch of government.

What branch of government is corrections?

The Department of Corrections falls under the Judicial Branch of government in the US.

The FBI is a branch of?

The FBI operates under the US Department of Justice. It is not a branch of government.

Is the IRS part of Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch?

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is under the US Department of the Treasury, in the Executive Branch.

What branch tries cases under the law?

The Judicial Branch of Government is the branch that tries case.

Under what branch does judges fall under?

Within the US Federal Government, the executive branch appoints the various judges in the Federal justice system. Supreme Court judges and Federal district judges are appointed by the US President and must be approved by a majority of the US Senate.

What are the constitutional requirements to hold office in the Judicial Branch?

The Constitution sets no specific requirements for nominating judges and justices to the Judicial Branch, or constitutional courts established under Article III. However, members of Congress, who often recommend potential nominees, and the Department of Justice, which reviews nominees' qualifications, have developed their own informal criteria.

Is the CIA under the judiCIAl branch?

The CIA is part of the executive branch.

Who is the court system of the country?

The court system of a country is known as the "judicial branch."

Who heads up the Department of Justice under the Executive Branch?

The US Department of Justice is the legal arm of the Executive branch of the US. It duty is to prosecute offenders of Federal laws. The position heading this important cabinet post is the Attorney General.

Is the president under the judicial branch?

No, he's in what's called the Executive branch.