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She is basically just a figurehead. Her very limited powers are mainly ceremonial (Like opening parliament etc.)

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Q: Does the Queen of England hold absolute power or is she just a figurehead?
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Who has the power in the absolute monarchy?

The king, queen, emperor or empress. In a Absolute Monarchy, the monarch may appoint the head of government(Prime Minister) but it is mostly a figurehead or ceremonial position.

In an absolute monarchy the king has all the powers of the?

executive and lesgislative branch.In an absolute monarchy the king would have all the powers of the government and whatever he says goes. Many countries these days do not have absolute monarchiesbecause of all the power it grants to one man. In England the Queen is more of a figurehead than anything because parliament holds the power while the queen may say that she approves or disapproves.NovaNet: executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Who is more powerful the queen or Gordon brown?

Gordon Brown because he is Prime Minister. The Queen has no real power and is just a figurehead.

Why is Queen Elizabeth II not queen of all Britain?

She is a figurehead. Which means she is very wealthy, but only holds power over servants and such. No government functions.

Does Queen Elizabeth have power?

She is the Queen of England.

Who is the president and queen in England?

England, or any other country in the commonwealth, doesn't have a president. They have a Constitutional Monarchy, which means they have a Monarch and a Prime Minister. Also, the Monarch doesn't have absolute power, and is a head of state. The current Queen is Queen Elizabeth II. The current Prime Minister is Gordon Brown.

What type of authority did Queen Elizabeth I hold and how is the power of her different to the power of the queen of England Today?

Queen Elizabeth I was an absolute Monarch. She had the final word on any government policy and was effectively head of the state. Her namesake, Queen Elizabeth II is a constitutional monarch, and does not wield political power. The power of Great Britain rests in the hands of Parliament and is administered through the prime minister.

What is the meaning of figurehead role?

A figurehead role refers to the activities of a person who is the head of an organisation but does not have actual power within the organisation. An example of a figurehead is Queen Elizabeth II, - she is the head of state of the United Kingdom - she opens Parliament, and meets foreign dignitaries but plays no part in the government of the UK.

What is a government run the a king or queen?

A government run by a king or queen would be an absolute monarchy. Although, some nations, such as the United Kingdom, have a constitutional monarchy, where the queen does not have absolute power.

What term applies to a king or queen or emperor with total power?

absolute monarch

What term applies to a king-queen or emperor with total power?

Absolute Monarchy is the type of government that has a king, queen, or emperor that has total authority.

What term to a king queen or emperor with total power?

absolute monarch