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Yes the president has a clearance. It is called need to know clearance and it is a clearance only the president has. Basically it tells that he needs to know everything (which he does). It is also the highest clearance in the United States. Well the world really he knows everything about every country at every giving day or if something comes up that may need more attention. Does that say he knows every secret America has ever hide or is hiding right now f course not. But, what gets a lot of generals out of trouble is quote "plausible deniability". Even though the president is not subjected to any classification secrets sometimes generals dont tell him everything. The president can walk in any DoD, government, and congressional meeting he wants to and he off he is not subjected to dismiss his security and communication abilities. Sounds cool but, the downside of this is he cannot have a secret meeting with a subjected party or organisation, meaning the meeting must either be documented by congress and have some other reference of accountability (like secret service, or an opposing comity) something that can be subjected to review if the case arises.

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No, political office holders and candidates do not have to submit for nor acquire security clearances. Why not?

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Q: Does the US President need a security clearance?
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What room in the White House does the President of the US Sleeps?

Only those who have top security clearance know precisely where the President of the United States sleeps.

Can you gain US security clearance if you are not a US citizen?

Yes, it is possible for non-US citizens to obtain security clearance in the United States. However, certain restrictions and additional requirements may apply, such as a need for a sponsor who is a US citizen, and the level of clearance may also be limited based on the role or access required. Each case is evaluated individually, and the decision ultimately depends on factors such as the type of work, level of trust, and national security considerations.

How does the us president get a secret clearance?

I think you are asking about a "security clearance." There are three basic levels of security clearance: Confidential, Secret and Top Secret. Not every member of congress, nor even every member of the president's cabinet, has access to all of the government's most secret information: certain documents, such as war plans, might only be shared with a specific (and usually small) group of people who are on a congressional committee, or with the president's closest advisers on military affairs. But the president, as Commander in Chief and head of the executive branch, possesses the highest level of security clearance, since he needs total access to all information, whether classified or not, in order to do his job.

Do Foreign nationals that are in the US military must become US citizens before they can obtain a security clearance and have access to classified information?

Must a foreign national in the U.S.military become a U.S. citizen before they can obtain security clearance and have access to classified information?

What is a TS SCI clearance?

TS-SCI clearance is a grade of Security Code clearance in the US Department of Defense. TS-SCI is an abbreviation (acronyms are different) that stands for Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information.

What is a TS-SCI clearance?

TS-SCI clearance is a grade of Security Code clearance in the US Department of Defense. TS-SCI is an abbreviation (acronyms are different) that stands for Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information.

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If an illegal alien with an expired tourist visa gets married to a US military guy will it affect the security clearance of the guy when he gets out of the military at the end of this year 2009?

Yes, it will nullify his security clearance if the illegal alien is from the wrong country. However, it won't change until it is time to renew his clearance.

Who gives ts sci clearance?

A TS/SCI clearance is used for security jobs with the US government. The only way to obtain one is by applying to an employer who requires that employees have one.

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Do you have to be born in the us to be a firefighter?

No, of course not. There might be a required background check and/or security clearance for some fire-fighting jobs.