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No. The Supreme Court has no part in creating or approving the federal budget; this is a task shared by the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government.

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Q: Does the US Supreme Court approve the federal budget?
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The appoints federal judges including Supreme Court members and the has the power to approve those appointments?

If a business is trying to abide by Affirmative Action Laws, which of the following would be acceptable by the Supreme Court?

What branch has the power to approve the appointments of supreme court?

The US Senate (Legislative Branch) has the power to approve or disapprove Supreme Court appointments.

Who has the right to convict the president or any other federal official after impeachment?

The house of Representatives but the Supreme Court must approve of it first.

DOes the PResident approve Supreme Court decisions?


Does the President approve US Supreme Court justices?

Not exactly. The President nominates US Supreme Court justices, but the Senate must approve their appointment.

Who approves a nominate to the you s supreme court?

Congress has to approve the US Supreme Court nominees.

Who must approve supreme court appointments?


Which branch has the power to approve supreme court appointments?

Congress must approve all appointments.

Who appoints the supreme court justices and who must approve them?

The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by The President & confirmed by The Senate.

Who can rule that federal laws are unconstitutional?

(Supreme Court)

Can the state Supreme Court over rule the federal Supreme Court?


Who holds the power to approve supreme court justices?

the Senate