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Q: Does the antideficiency act principles state that you can receive services without paying for them as a benefit to the government?
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How does government benefit from providing free services and hel to the business community?

they get profit.

How would someone benefit from choosing service oriented architecture over a more commonly used application infrastructure?

You can benefit from choosing your service orientated architecture for it's services principles. These principles include abstraction, discoverability, composability, and autonomy.

Public goods can best be described as benefits and services?

Public goods can best be described as services provided by the government to benefit all citizens.

How does it benefit external users in accounting principles?

of accounting principles

What are social services?

The range of public services that are provided by the government for the benefit of the community are social services. Social services are aimed at promoting the welfare of others and include services for medical care, education, food subsidies, and housing.

What does the government determine with a cost-benefit analysis?

At all levels of government in the United States, cost-benefit analyses are used as a basis for allocating resources for the public good to those programs, projects, and services that will meet the expectations of citizens.

Which one will the hospital benefit from in-patient or out-patient services?

Inpatient services benefit a hospital the most.

What are the two principles of taxation?

The two principles of taxation are benefit principle and the ability-to-pay principle.

How do tax payers benefit from paying taxes?

Individuals benefit from state services.

The purpose of the taxes and the benefit to the Federal Government?

To pay for the goods and services the citizens want or need the government to provide. (Security, health, retirement, exploration/science, arts, social, courts/legal, etc., etc.,).

Are the two principles of taxation the benefit principle and the ability-to-pay principle?


What are the benefits of elasticity to government?

How can government benefit from the elasticity concepts? Analyse the various economic policies which will benefit from the concept.