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No not if there is where War is occurring then theFog of War with animalistic behavior of mankind will always get in the way of any higher Ideas of civilization.

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Q: Does the constitution follow the flag?
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Did the constitution follow the flag?

I am not sure what you mean by "follow the flag" . The first flag was designed by Francis Hopkins for the Navy in 1775. The flag wasn't used very much during the revolution, in fact, very few knew what it looked like. Our reverence today is modern idea. The constitution doesn't mention the flag.

What Supreme Court decision asserted that the constitution does not follow the flag?

Insular Cases of 1901

Which Country's Constitution Does India Follow In Her Constitution?


How do you honor your flag?

Follow the law and do what you are supposed to.

What is Delaware's flag?

Delaware's flag is a flag that says December 7, 1787, which is the day it ratified the constitution and became the first state of our nation.

Is the flag less important than the constitution?

Yes, because the constitution is the foundation for a country and the rights and freedoms of its citizens, whereas the flag is only a symbol of that country. Yes, the flag just has one battle worth of importance behind it. The constitution is what makes america different then every other nation in the world.

How would you put the word constitution in a sentence?

you follow the constitution on the paper.

What year was the Illinois flag adopted?

The official state flag was adopted in July 1,1970 -illinois constitution book

Which branch of the government is responsible for making laws follow the constitution?

The judiciary branch is responsible for making sure laws follow the constitution.

Do Elected officials still follow the US Constitution?

Regardless of their view on the U.S. Constitution, officials have to follow the Constitution because it is the supreme law of the land. However, there is a strict and loose interpretation of the Constitution, and modern politics is related to the loose interpretation making it seem like they don't follow it.

Which branch of governments responsible for making sure laws follow the constitution?

The judiciary branch is responsible for making sure laws follow the constitution.

What does the flag of Tahiti look like?

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