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English. They left the fledgling US for British colonies because they remained loyal, so it stands to reason they felt more British than American.

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Q: Does the loyalist feel more English or American?
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Was Benedict Arnold a Democrat?

I personally wouldn't call him a democrat. He's both loyalist and patriot though. I thinks he's more of a loyalist though. But that's just my opinion.

What effect did the movement of loyalist have on Canada?

they brought over new traids and brought a diffrent form of speach like slang and text that canadiand have not heard because they are more influenced by britain

What was the British southern strategy?

During the American Revolution, the British "southern strategy" was devised as an alternative to their failed campaigns in central and northern America during the wars first three years. From 1778-1781, the British focused their efforts on occupying the more loyalist-tending southern American colonies and doing damage to the patriot cause from their. This strategy failed, with its dramatic conclusion coming at Yorktown in 1781 with a decisive patriot victory.

Is your personality more British or American?

Sometimes families have maintained certain cultural attributes that have been passed down through the generations. So if the family arrived from England, but have been in America for centuries they could have a bit of both cultures. I was born in California, but by the time I was 21 I was living in Germany and because I was fairly young I picked up many mannerisms that are European more than American. Yet, i am very much American, but when I travel in Europe I am seen as either English or German and not American. So, your question is not a cut and dried as one or the other.

In 1776 What were reasons to be a patriot and not a loyalist?

1) Not having to rule under king George the 3rd2)freedom of speech and in some colonies it was okay to have some sort of a religion3)NO TAXES4)no more control from Britain5)No more British man solider randomly coming into your homeone big reason is that the parliament had NO REPRESENTATION AT ALL..

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What should a patriot ask a loyalist in a debate?

"Why do you feel the colonists who side with you are more capable of governing than is the King and Parliament who have vast experience?"

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